05 July 2018

  • Completed the first two sections of the first chapter of OpenStax’s Prealgebra book.
  • Spent some time confirming what I’m going to do going forward, in mathematics. I will aim to complete one section a day (i.e. not a full chapter, just a section within a chapter). If the section is gigantic, I will split this over multiple days, but I will aim for one a day. This will allow me to keep my mathematics knowledge up, without having to spend two full days learning it per week. I will do this every morning, leaving the evenings to programming. If I come across a section that I am fully comfortable with, I will skip that section. I will be completing the Subtract Whole Numbers section tomorrow.
  • Started Shay Howe’s Learn to Code HTML & CSS course.

I’ve really struggled to focus since I returned from my holiday on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow!

Time spent today: 2.52 hours
Total time spent: 148.39 hours

Written on July 5, 2018