09 June 2018

  • Enrolled into the Arizona State University’s College Algebra and Problem Solving course because I know mathematics will be very useful to me in the future when I’m looking at algorithms. I also read some information and watched videos explaining how this course works.
  • Enrolled into Saylor Academy’s Business Communications course because it’s in the P1XT FAQ and sounds interesting. I also went through the course syllabus.
  • Read more about some of P1XT’s courses, and used the guides to figure out what I should be doing now/next. I know I won’t follow them completely, but they will help a lot
  • Watched all of CS50’s Project 5050 playlist.

For the forseeable future I plan to run through things in a particular order:

  1. Complete one of the six books of ‘You Don’t Know JS’
  2. Complete a week of CS50
  3. Complete a unit of the Business Communications course
  4. Do part of the College Algebra and Problem Solving course until a good stopping point
  5. Go back to step one

Once I’ve completed a course/book, I’ll replace that with something new. Because I completed the first book of ‘You Don’t Know JS’ yesterday, and also watched the lecture of week 0 of CS50, the next thing to do is complete problem set 0 of CS50. This means I’m currently on step 2 of the above ordered list.

Time spent today: 5.67 hours
Total time spent: 64.08 hours

Written on June 9, 2018