21 June 2018

  • Completed ‘whodunit’ in pset 4 of CS50 - it was nowhere near as interesting to complete as it sounded on the first read!
  • Installed Visual Studio Code as I’ve heard good things about it (extensions etc.)
  • Saved a few bookmarks to my browser that I found
  • Started working through ‘resize’ in pset 4
  • Had a look through the future weeks of CS50 and decided against completing pset 4 or 5. My reasoning for this is that we move from C to Python in week 6, and I won’t be using C again after that. This means I’ll be able to get into the more interesting stuff faster. I might go back and complete every pset nearer the end, but I suspect I won’t. I do intend to complete the psets that use Python, SQL, and JavaScript though - but we’ll see…
  • Because of the point above, this meant I could spend part of my evening watching the lecture from week 4 of CS50

I know I change my methods quite a lot but I’m still trying to balance knowledge gained vs time spent, in order to learn as efficiently as possible.

Time spent today: 5.25 hours
Total time spent: 128.44 hours

Written on June 21, 2018