A brief introduction

This blog was created on 31 May 2018, and it’s main purpose is to log my progress while I work towards going from zero to (hopefully) someone who works as a web developer. I’m hopeful that by having a blog dedicated to my progress, I will ensure that I do something every day towards my main goal of moving into a web development position.

This post serves as an FAQ, explaining what I want to achieve and what this blog will be used for.

What is my previous web development experience?

I have attempted to learn web development a few times in the past, and although it does interest me significantly it has never stuck. I’ve always ended up with other things that take over my life, and web development tends to fall to the back of my priority list. I’m going to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

I do have some HTML and CSS experience from when I’ve tried to learn web development before – but I have forgotten almost all of this. My main programming experience (and some might not call it ‘true’ programming experience) is with Microsoft Excel VBA. I am very good at using Microsoft Excel generally, and I also taught myself some beginner/intermediate macros and functions using VBA.

Hopefully my knowledge of general programming rules (loops etc.) that I gained by learning how to use VBA will help me learn new programming languages easier, however I am classing myself as a complete beginner as I have forgotten almost everything I have learnt about web development in the past.

What am I hoping to achieve?

In terms of specific targets – I would like to move into a Web Development position by 27 May 2021. I will have turned 31 years old in March, which is still reasonably young, and also it gives me three years to have a solid grounding in Web Development and computer science.

How am I going to learn?

I have come across a few different guides about pathways on how to learn web development and plan to use a mixture of all of them. Some of the guides I will be using are:

I work full time in my day job (5 days a week/37 hours each week), so all of my studying will be done in the evenings and weekends.

What is the future of this blog?

I intend to post my progress on this blog daily. To make sure that I spend as much time as possible learning, rather than blogging, my posts will usually be a brief list of bullet points explaining what I did that day. However, if I discover something really interesting, or if I have something important to share – my posts may be longer.

I’m hoping that by having a daily posting schedule, this blog will hold me accountable for my progress. If there is a date missing within this blog, that means that I haven’t studied that day.

If you’ve come across this blog by visiting one of my daily posts, you will have noticed the time trackers on each post. This is because the average student (in the UK at least), is expected to complete roughly 1200 hours of study each year when studying for a degree. Because I want an education in web development that is comparable to a degree – I intend to complete 1200 hours of study each year, in my own free time.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for following me on this journey!

Please note that this post was written on 31 May 2018, but renamed to an earlier date to ensure that this is the first blog post on this site.

Written on May 1, 2018